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Denver Feminization Surgery

transgender2Feminization surgery in Denver, Colorado performed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Murphy. Facial feminization surgery (FFS) refers to surgical procedures that alter the human face to bring its features closer in shape and size to those of an average female human. FFS includes various bony and soft tissue procedures (see below) though the term “FFS” is generally not regarded to include facial hair removal. FFS techniques are derived from maxillofacial and reconstructive surgery as well as general plastic and cosmetic surgery.

FFS has become increasingly sought after by transsexual women and many feel that it is just as important or even more important for them than sex reassignment surgery (SRS) because it helps them integrate socially as women. While most FFS patients are transsexual women, some non-transsexual women who feel that their faces are too masculine will also undergo FFS. FFS is occasionally sought by cross-dressers and drag queens.

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Feminization Procedures

Feminization is the process of reducing the masculine appearance of a transgender individual in order to improve their self image. As a board certified cosmetic surgeon your post surgical feminization surgery is of the utmost importance to myself and my surgical team.

Continuity of Care

From consultation through surgery and the postoperative course you will be attended by me and my highly experienced and compassionate staff. Continuity of care is essential to patient comfort and safety, and my staff and I are entirely committed to giving you the best surgical experience possible. As your plastic surgeon I am available to you throughout the surgical and postoperative periods for any questions you may have regarding the procedure or your recovery. It is during this close follow-up period where warm relationships with my patients are cemented. As I started my practice I anticipated fairly brief contact with patients due to the nature of surgical practice. I believe that my compassion and true concern for the welfare of my patients has led to wonderful friendships spanning many years. Consider me your private plastic surgeon, taking all the care possible and using all of my surgical talent and artistic abilities to meet and exceed your expectations.